Refund Policy

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By accessing this website or Payment Portal to register payment, you are authorizing the transactions you are presenting. Should an error occur in the event that a payment amount or date is not processed correctly as added by the user of the website or payment portal, the individual shall be required to contact The Company immediately upon awareness of such error, either by telephone or in writing. Upon notification by the user, The Company shall complete an investigation to determine if an error had occurred. Should an error have occurred, The Company shall make all reasonable accommodations to: correct the error from occurring again, issue refund of any amount found to be in error within a reasonable manner and time, and at its discretion, The Company shall make whole any fiduciary damages that may have occurred as a result of the error with verification of said damages being presented in writing to The Company. Any payment registered without a verified error, shall NOT be refunded for any means nor shall The Company be liable for any fiduciary damages resulting from such payment application.

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